Being Optimistic

Every now and then I get a, “you’re a very optimistic guy aren’t you?” Followed by, “how can you be so optimistic? Tell me your secret.” Insert blank face with awkward smile.

You see, I have many answers and suggestions running through my head that I completely forget I have someone waiting for my answer. I wish I could give them the answer they’re looking for, but sadly the answer isn’t short; it’s a long-intricate-subjective one, too long to explain in a couple of minutes.

I have wondered, too, how I became this optimistic person. I know I wasn’t born filled optimistic ideas and thoughts. So how did I manage to be so optimistic to the point everyone who knows me knows being optimistic is my personal trait? Some even think I live in my little world when things get tough or avoid my problems. That’s not the case.

I don’t pretend everything is okay and I don’t avoid problems. I simply accept what’s going on and aim for the best possible outcome. Though, my answer isn’t really convincing or what most people expect. Think about people’s face when I tell them “hey think about the best possible solution and you’ll be set.” I’m sure I’ll get some blank stares telling me “duh that’s obvious.”

However, being optimistic is much more than simply thinking about the best outcome. There’s a lot of thinking and accepting the worst in order to view the positive. In a sense, being optimistic requires some pessimistic views. Though indulging too much into either one will have some negative effects. Obviously being too pessimistic creates a negative aura of yourself, but how can being too optimistic have a negative outcome? Well, my answer is having a false perception of reality by “sugar coating” everything.

As you can see by now, being optimistic requires some balance. How do you achieve balance? That’s up to you to figure out. Yeah, I know all this reading to not even get a clue, bummer. That’s where you’re wrong…or right depending if you saw this coming. Like I said before, giving my answer to how I am optimistic is a long-intricate-subjective one and instead of writing all of it in one post (don’t want to overwhelm you) I’ll separate them in a series of posts, maybe in two or three we’ll see and yes my answer is that long but hopefully worth reading.

As a side note to my first blog post, this is my first blog post…so any suggestions will be helpful. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my blog and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you.


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