Acknowledging Each Other Through Our Differences

For some time now there’s been a trend going about how we should ignore color in hopes of having some equality. While I agree color doesn’t matter in how we treat others, I disagree with the notion of ignoring our differences based on race and ethnicity. I believe the most wonderful part of being human is the vast differences, and some similarities, in culture from different race and ethnic backgrounds. Why would we want to ignore the differences in what makes us, us? We can still be equal and accepting while acknowledging we are different.

I believe overlooking what makes us different won’t accomplish anything. Is there racism in the world? Yes, yes there is. Can we abolish racism for good? I don’t think we can, but there are other ways to lessen racism. The approach to lessen racism is why, to me, we can’t ignore what makes us different because we devalue everything within a given culture. Rather than ignoring, we could try to learn about and understand each other.

Each culture has a history and I believe it’s good to at least learn about the differences and similarities about a given culture (Of course when given the chance, not like we’ll look up every culture). For example, I met someone from Ethiopia and even though we had different views on certain life choices, we respected each other while enjoying the different perspectives when we talked about various topics. Of course, I saw him as my equal regardless of his race, ethnic, and cultural background. However, I knew we weren’t the same. His life experiences were and are different than mine as mine were and are different than his. We couldn’t compare but we could share each other’s experiences.

I think a similar approach to mine, not saying it’s the best and only approach but one of many, can help us see other as equals while learning and respecting our differences. Even though sayings like “don’t see color” or “we are all the same” may seem ideal, I don’t think it is. Acknowledging our differences will get us further than pretending to be the same simply to view someone as an equal. Being different is what makes us unique, but it’s what ultimately makes us human. I believe we can get along even by being different. Yes, there will be those occasion where we might not agree with someone’s culture but we have to think about the larger picture, everyone is different. Learn about each other while respecting each other.


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