Oh, You’re Not a Parent? Sorry We Only Accept Responsible Adults.

Where to start with this one. Maybe it’s just me, maybe not, but I feel like a majority of people assume, if you’re an adult, you don’t know responsibility unless you’re a parent. Since when did being a parent automatically became a one-up over other adults about responsibility? Yes, being a parent comes with huge responsibilities, but it doesn’t give a right to say, or variation of, “oh you don’t know stress until you’re a parent.” There’s no requirement to know stress and responsibility by only being a parent. However, I can see why some people automatically believe, if they’re a parent, they have every right to one-up other non-parent adults.

I feel like there’s an established narrative of growing up to be a parent; almost to the extent parenthood is predetermined. Think about it, how many times did we, or are currently, come across some sort of expectation to have children in the future? I can see this more in the female spectrum, especially little girls with their pretend baby dolls. Is it wrong? No, but it’ll depend on your own opinion. However, the baby dolls do reinforce the narrative of becoming a parent, almost like teaching a “needed” skill. Of course not every girl is going to become a parent simply because of a doll, but the point is how widely parenthood is expected and implemented. As for males, from my experience and from what I’ve I noticed, we’re tasked with having a baby boy to carry out the family name. Not as prevalent like baby dolls but, tasked with having a baby boy reinforces the parenthood narrative.

So yes, I see why most parents automatically assume they are above all of us non-parent adults. To them, again my perspective here, it appears we are avoiding the responsibility of becoming parents. We get it, being a parent is stressful and requires some serious responsibility, but stop looking at us non-parent adults like we aren’t responsible or stressed (oh my goodness the stress is so “stressed” ha get it? Get it? Stressed? No? Okay). Simply because we choose not to be parents, doesn’t mean we aren’t being responsible, or know stress.

So do you need to be a parent to be considered a responsible adult? Nope. I’ve met many people in my life who are more responsible than some parents (we all know what type of parents I’m talking about here…). So comparing a non-parent adults’ life to a life of a parent doesn’t really accomplish anything.

To those non-parent adults, what are some sayings a parent, meaning any adult that’s a parent, has said to make you feel like they’re above you? Leave them in the comment section below and maybe we’ll see some similarities. Mine is “just wait until you have a kid,” oh how that gets me every time.

In all respect, my applause to those parents who love their children and do everything possible for them, you parents are awesome.


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