Get Over It

How many of you have had a moment where you just want to cry your guts out, stay in bed because you feel gloomy, scream at the top of your lungs, or unleash your might at the world? How many of you have been told to get over it?

Negative feelings and emotions are a normal part of being human. We all go through the motion here and there. When we see someone upset or going through some rough patches, we want to help (well most of us at least). I feel like most people want to help but it comes off like forcing them to get over it. I understand we hate seeing those we care about hurting but telling them and hoping they’ll get over it won’t help.

I believe going through the negative emotions and feelings naturally is healthier than forcing them to stop. I know we all like to see those we care about happy and try to cheer them up when they’re down. Which is probably why people say don’t cry or get over whatever is happening but sometimes letting them cry out their feelings or go on an angry rant is helping them. Sometimes simply being there for them, even if we aren’t doing much, can help them move forward in a healthy manner.

For example, my fiancé sometimes cries when she’s feeling frustrated and instead of telling her it’s okay no need to cry, which I used to do, I simply hold her, hug her and let her cry on my shoulder. When she’s angry at something or someone, I let her go on a rant until she gets it out of her system. She does the same for me.

Sometimes it’s good to simply hear someone out or let them cry on your shoulders without saying anything. Though something to keep in mind is everyone is different, so maybe some will approach negative emotions and feelings differently. However, it’s never good to bottle everything in…or tell someone to get over it.


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