Right to Beliefs

So another rant type of post, but I think some of you might agree…or not. How many of you have heard  “everybody has the right to believe what they want,” but when there’s a disagreement the right to a certain belief is put down?

For example, probably one of the most common ones, religion. I mention this because I’m not religious and when I have expressed myself on my views, there are a couple of people who quickly try to prove my views wrong and explain why their’s is right. I remember one time I mentioned how I don’t need religion to have a sense of purpose in life. Well, some people started saying how I should thank god for letting me have another day to live or how I was wrong for not being religious. At that point, I felt I was getting attacked because I wasn’t following a certain belief like they were. I never got why some people are so inclined that a certain belief is better than others. I’m not saying my moral choices and points of views are the right ones for everyone because they’re not, but they are right for me (to clarify, I have nothing against religion).  I know I won’t be able to agree with everyone just like some people won’t agree with me and that’s okay, we all don’t have to agree on everything.

Simply because someone follows a path we might not agree on, doesn’t automatically make them wrong. Another example that I think can be relatable is cohabitating before marriage. There are people who see couples moving in together before marriage as irresponsible. I can see why cohabitating before marriage is viewed wrong but I think it’s really up to the people who are making the choice, rather than someone else trying to dictate a choice based on their belief.

I think it’s great to have different points of view about life topics. I believe it’s one of many reasons we have interesting cultures around the world. However, some people are strongly tied to their beliefs and can’t accept anything else. I think that’s the problem, not the people but the notion of there only being one true way of living. Yes, I notice I sound like a complete hypocrite but I do think people dictating exactly what we should believe in, is hurting us in acknowledging each other’s differences. Hearing different beliefs or points of view can be a chance for us to learn about each other. We don’t always have to agree with everything, it’s okay to agree to disagree. Afterall, who are we to select one true way of a belief system in a subjective word?


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